Make your images worth more than 1000 words


Image recognition, tagging, and classification

Our sophisticated algorithms are able to categorize thousands of fashion images, extracting rich attributes that define your products.

Visually-augmented Business Intelligence suite

It makes fashion business processes smarter by providing a powerful, high quality data analysis engine.

Visual similarity search

Understand how worn garments in natural contexts are similar to your in-store products.

Customer base segmentation

Send targeted campaign to group of customer, based on their fashion affinity.

Influencers and trend detection

Automatically detect who your next brand ambassador could be, and which trends her/his followers are interested in.

Personalized recommendations

Each customer is unique: tailor the products suggestion for each one of them using the algorithms in Photo2Fit.

Our Technologies


Training courses

We offer training course on Image Processing, Pattern Recognition, Machine Learning, and Artificial Intelligence.

To prepare your company to the new technological challenges and problems that can be faced with these new and fascinating techniques.

Strategic consultancy

We provide tailor-made IT consultancy services, to give concrete answers and the most appropriate solutions to reach your growth goals.

To help your company develop an IT infrastructure, and systems that are always innovative and up-to-date.

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