Photo2Fit: P2F

The digital world is becoming more and more visual – more than 3 billion of images are shared everyday on the Internet. Understanding and perceiving images properly is thus a crucial step for fashion and apparel companies, where the appearance and visual information of their products play a key role in selling.

Photo2Fit is a Business Intelligence software based on cutting edge Computer Vision and Deep Learning technologies. With state-of-the-art predictive algorithms, Photo2Fit automatically extracts rich visual information from products’ images, associates this with customers’ purchases, discovers their visual tastes, understands how much a new product can aesthetically enjoy each customer, identifies “influencers” among the customer base. Ultimately, Photo2Fit augments data analysis with image intelligence to support companies in making commercial and marketing decisions. Photo2Fit is tailored and offered to fashion and apparel companies, and it is available for both on-premise and cloud-based deployment.

Always on-line,
always accessible

High personalization,
with custom add-ons

Easily interfaced with your e-commerce