Hand-tailored algorithmics

Forecasting is multifaceted, since each company has its own specific target. Forecasting can be made for stock market, energy production, fashion industry, automotive. In all of the cases, we have a custom solution for you.

Professional service

Our team offers the necessary support to make predictive analysis a real prescriptive analysis, and the know-how to trust the predictions.

Forecasting at 360°

With HS.Forecast, you will manage all the phases of the predictive analysis: from the extraction of the raw data, its profiling, passing from the evaluation of how much the history is informative for the solution, until the visualization and integration of the results in your production line.

Tons of data, why?

Who tells that forecasting is strong when you have tons of past data? With the last findings of machine learning, transfer learning technology allow to use external data to prepare forecasting algorithm to predict your specific situation!